Magento Developer in Columbus, Ohio

Hey, I am Kris from Columbus.

Here are some facts about me:

  • Resides in Columbus, Ohio
  • Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Cavaliers fan
  • Started working on Magento in late 2008
  • Holds all four Magento Certifications (Certification Directory)
  • Worked on both Community and Enterprise editions of Magento 1.
  • Magento Forum Moderator
  • Magento StackExchange Top Contributor (Profile)

I occasionally help smaller stores with their needs. In the past these have been version upgrades, extension installation, site optimization, automated testing, general maintenance and Magento 2 replatforms.

I do have a full time career which I love, so I only do freelancing nights and weekends. I am generally available for emergencies as well.

I do have some mentalities that I will always abide by.

  • Version Control
  • Being on a competent hosting provider
  • Don’t cut corners. I’d rather do something the correct way and take a little more time on it, then having to retouch the same code over and over.

Things you should know

  • I am not a agency. I do not have overhead like an office, secretaries, etc.
  • You deal directly with me which means you’ll have my personal cell number.
  • I can do both frontend and backend development. Backend development is my favorite to do.
  • I am not a designer.

If you are interested in having me help you, drop me a message below!

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Columbus, Ohio, United States